Cable TV vs iTunes vs Netflix


When contemplating services to bring video content into your home, you have a variety of choices today, which, upon a cursory examination, may seem relatively the same.  Significant differences exist, and you should be aware of those differences when contemplating video on demand services. What is video on demand? Simply put, the ability to view [...]

The 7 Most Important CEOs on Social Media


Social Media isn’t just for individuals who are looking to share a few picture with one another and comment on cat images or their sister’s baby picture. In fact, social media can be utilized in order to improve a business, raise company morale and to increase awareness of the organization. This is why some of [...]

Verizon Cloud for iOS Devices


Finally all those iPhone and iPad users will be able to use Verizon Cloud if they have to back up important information from their devices. Verizon managed to release their long-awaited cloud based system the last month but at that point it was available only for Android users. However, since yesterday Apple users should feel [...]

Light Up Your Christmas Eve With LED Lights!

Chrome for Android

As soon as the year reaches towards its end and December knocks the doors people start feeling the festive of Christmas in the winds. Christmas brings a lot of preparations for the people in order to fulfill their celebrations in which the most important role is played by the lighting being required during the festivities. [...]

Getting An Original Looking Phone Is Easier Than Ever

nexus skin from dbrand

The Nexus 4 is an advanced Android smartphone that has been released from Google.Those who want to customize their Nexus 4 will be happy to know that there are many premium skins available that can completely change its appearance. Getting a custom skin for the Nexus is a great way for a cellphone user to [...]

How Mobile Phones Application Development Can Help Your Online or Offline Business


There was a time when mobile phones were just that – phones that had mobility. And that was their very best credential. In this day and time, mobile phones have emerged into an all new and comprehensive range of “smart phones”. These smart phones not only come very close to being so very like computers, [...]

PlayStation 4 – it’s coming… but when?


Sony’s PlayStation has arguably been the most consistently present gaming console in history – from the launch of the original PlayStation – the first console to sell more than 100 million units – way back in 1994 (nearly 20 years ago!) to the current blu-ray powered, HD-equipped PS3, Sony have been right at the cutting [...]