Bajaj Majesty ICX 6 WOV Induction Cook Top

Induction Cook Tops are great especially when you are looking to replace your traditional cooking oven. Normally, stove or gas ovens are used for cooking purpose. Kerosene or LGP are used as fuel. In these ovens heat is directly transferred to a cooking vessel. But induction cook tops are deigned in a completely new way. The cook top looks like a steel plate on which you are asked to place a vessel made of stainless steel. Once you turn on the switch heat is transferred to the vessel only.Actually, a copper coil behind the scene gets the heat and radiates the heat as oscillating magnetic wave that affects only steel. If you place your hand over the cook top and turn it on it will not be affected. In case you want to play with it, place a towel over the cook top and rest your steel vessel on it. You will see the towel is not caught fire but the vessel starts getting the heat. That’s how it works.

Bajaj Majesty ICX WOV induction cook top follows the same principle mentioned above. It’s a 1600 W induction heater that is supposed to consume 1 unit of bill or BOT in 37.5 minutes of time. You can complete regular cooking in less than half an hour of time. It’s really a cost effective solution. Isn’t it? The Bajaj induction cook top also comes with 5 preset cooking menus. Just place the bowel or vessel, set the timer and you are done. Majestry automatically turns itself off once the time is passed. No hazards, no wastage of electricity.

Bajaj Majesty ICX 6 WOV Induction Cook Top

Bajaj Majesty ICX 6 WOV Induction Cook Top

Features of Bajaj Majesty ICX 6 WOV Induction Cook Top

  • 1600 w power consumption
  • 5 preset menus
  • 24 hours count down timer
  • Automatic switch off functionality
  • Only steel vessels
  • Boil water in less than a minute of time
  • Pause button

Price of Bajaj Majesty ICX 6 WOV Induction Cook Top

This product costs you around Rs. 2120/- in Flipkart. It comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty.

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