HP Netbook Coming to India in contract with MTS for Just Rs. 10k

MTS is planning to bring HP Netbooks exclusively for Indian market. Currently, MTS is one of the largest CDMA vendors in India. MTS has partnered with HP mostly for HP laptops for past few years. Now a Netbook may be introduced in Indian market at considerably chap price of Rs. 10k. The netbook will feature a SIM card slot. EvDo supported HP netbook can hit up to 3.1 Mbps speed which is the maximum speed limit of CDMA technology. Therefore, seamless web browsing is ensured by the company. Netbook bundled with MTS data pack will certainly look lucrative at just 10k.

HP Netbook Coming to India for Just Rs. 10,000 packed with MTS Data Plans

HP Netbooks

HP Netbooks

Currently, Acer and Samsung netbooks are on sale in Indian market at around 15k with 3G SIM card slot. Now participation of HP in that segment will increase the competition for sure. Market demand may raise some questions. No doubt, Android driven tablets are very popular in India but the future of netbooks is not that transparent as of now. HP Netbook with bundled data plans from MTS may change the trend in future.


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