Nokia to Release a Windows 8 Tab in Last Quarter This Year

We have seen Nokia has moved up to Windows platform leaving Symbian and they have unveiled some fabulous Windows 7.5 Mango driven Windows Phones one after another. In this year Mobile World Congress Nokia declared the release of two Windows Phones i.e. Nokia Lumia 610, the cheapest Windows Phone and Nokia Lumia 900 this time for the global market. Now Nokia is in tablet market with their news Windows Tabs.

Nokia is working on a 10 inches Windows 8 tab that is expected to hit the market in the final quarter this year. DELL, Lenovo, ASUS, Acer are also trying their hands with Windows 8. Lenovo and DELL already declared to unveil the first Windows 8 tab in market. There is no news from the house of Nokia. But we can expect one stylish, powerful, durable Windows Tab from the Finns.

Nokia decided to opt for Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chipset for the tab. In Lumia series phones they have stick to the same chipset. Additionally, the Windows tab from Nokia may come with dual core Krait processor.

Nokia Windows Tablet

Nokia Windows Tablet

Windows 8 is expected to hit the global market by October this year. Hopefully we will hear something new from Nokia earlier than that. From DigiTimes news Nokia is outsourcing the first batch of 200,000 units of Windows 8 10 inches tab to Compal Electronics,a Taiwanese company.

Nokia will be joining Windows on ARM(WoA) camp this September. Possibly, they will declared the release of their first Windows 8 tab there. Nokia is working together with Microsoft to compete Android and iOS. The release of slates from Nokia may put other manufacturers in deep trouble.

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