One click MP3 album downloads

MediaDrugmediadrug is a revolutionary new music download app created by a team headed up by Stefan Larese.

Have you ever heard a song by an artist that was previously unknown to you, and wished you could have easy access to their back catalogue?  Well, MediaDrug does for MP3 downloads what Spotify has done for the streaming audio market by giving you the ability to do just this.

The software is designed to take the hard work out of tracking down album tracks, giving the ability for you to download them all with one click.  Also neat is the ‘saved query’ option, which allows you to simply save queries of your favourite music to listen to on-the-fly without having to go ahead and download the files to your machine – great if you’re trying to save harddrive space.

With a simple to use playlist system, and browser style tabbing to give you easy access to multiple queries at the same time, MediaDrug really does make the MP3 downloading experience a breeze.  What’s more it’s available in Windows, Mac and Linux flavours so that you have the chance to start taking advantage of this great little application whatever platform you are running.

Finally, and potentially the best thing about this app is the clearly stated commitment to 100% Freeware.  As they say on their website:

All future updates and new versions of the program (PC, Unix and Mac) will also be available through our website free of charge.

So there is no risk of adopting this application for your MP3 download needs, and then getting stung with upgrade costs for future versions etc.  Peace of mind!


  1. Rajesh kanna says:

    Dear Sir,
    This is Rajesh Kanna from Madurai (Tamilnadu). Currently i am using Samsung Galaxy S Advance. when that model mobile os update will come. may i know the details…

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