PlayStation 4 – it’s coming… but when?

Sony’s PlayStation has arguably been the most consistently present gaming console in history – from the launch of the original PlayStation – the first console to sell more than 100 million units – way back in 1994 (nearly 20 years ago!) to the current blu-ray powered, HD-equipped PS3, Sony have been right at the cutting edge of gaming and have legions of loyal fans because of this.  PS4 logo

With rumours abound that Sony will be announcing the long awaited PS4 release date in their planned February 20th press event, there is a buzz going around the gaming world concerning exactly what will be announced.  Codename Orbis, the working title for the latest Sony console has been a much more tightly run project than the XBox 720 – little is known about what the console will involve, or even when it will come out.  Many gaming analysts expect 2014 to be the likely release date, but the Wall Street Journal are forecasting some point this year.

There are already suspicions about developers working on games for the new PS4.  With PS4 updates declaring that the console will have 4K resolution, one thign is for sure – games on it will look AMAZING.  But what games can we expect?  One rumour has it that Killzone 4 will be released on the new console.  Even more enticingly, Media Molecule – the originators of LittleBigPlanet list a total mystery game as being under development on their site – is this coming out PS4 too?

Whatever the news, whatever the specs, whoever the developers are – one thing is for sure, the PS4 is likely to redefine gaming in the way that each one of its predecessors did.  So what are you waiting for – get your PS4 pre order in now!

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