Things to Consider with Remote Data Backup

Online storage facilities offer users the chance to rent/ buy space on Internet based servers. They can then upload their data onto the server and access it again from any device with an Internet connexion. While these services are continually growing in popularity and do offer users an attractive solution to their data storage requirements, there are many who have some reservations about the concept.


This is one of the questions most frequently raised when discussing online storage. Storing data online obviously involves uploading potentially sensitive information to a third party. While most providers are naturally trustworthy, they may still be open to data theft and other malicious attacks. Privacy laws in the countries servers are located in may also differ from those in the UK, potentially offering less legal protection for data.

It should, however, be noted that service providers do their utmost to protect data against theft and viral attacks. Data centres are subject to high physical security measures, and equipment/ data streams are continually monitored to ensure digital security. Users are also able to build stringent security agreements into their contracts to supplement local privacy laws.


Many users worry about the fact that their data is only accessible via the Internet, and question what would happen if their connexion should fail for some reason. Considering that data is accessible from any Web-enabled device and from anywhere; most of today’s devices are capable of using Wi-Fi and connexion-losses are typically temporary, this should, in theory, not present too much of a problem.

Another concern is speed. Even the fastest Internet connection is only capable of sending data at a certain speed, which may slow the process of transmitting large amounts of data considerably in comparison to traditional storage methods. While this is true at present, technology is advancing rapidly, and this problem may well be solved before long.

The best thing to do is find a provider who will offer exactly what you need. Short of trying out all of them. The only real thing to do is read reviews such as the ones found at This site has each provider rated on a number of factors.

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