Verizon Cloud for iOS Devices

Finally all those iPhone and iPad users will be able to use Verizon Cloud if they have to back up important information from their devices.
Verizon managed to release their long-awaited cloud based system the last month but at that point it was available only for Android users. However, since yesterday Apple users should feel lucky because they can also use the new cloud services.Verizon-Cloud-366x251,
As for all those people who have HTC Droid DNA or Samsung Galaxy S4, they can also take advantage of Verizon Cloud via the special application that can be found on Google Play. There is also a special list of devices that support Verizon Cloud, so if you want to see whether or not your device is included, you can visit the official site of Verizon.
A couple of words regarding the application! Before you can tap and start using it, you should sign up for Verizon Cloud. The registration is entirely free and can be done on the official site of Verizon. There are a couple of plans you can choose between – 500MB for free, 75GB – 6$/month, 25GB – 3$/month and the biggest – 125GB – 10$/month.
Once you activate your account you can start the application. There are lots of great features that you will immediately notice right after the initial start. For cool reviews on storage providers you must go online and see what people are saying about top online storage services.
Now backing up and syncing videos, contacts and photos is easier than ever. Streaming music is also supported, also a couple of different file type documents can be viewed without the need of additional software. Of course your files can be accessed by both your computer and phone. If you want to use it on your personal computer, don’t forget to download the desktop client.
The iOS application is compatible with iPod touch, iPhone, iPad and requires iOS version of 5 or higher. It is also optimized for the different aspect ratio of iPhone 5.

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